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What is Grief?

If you are reading this, there is a high probability that your heart is broken. It may have been caused by a death, either recent or long ago. It may have been caused by a divorce or breakup of an important relationship.


Even though you have endured painful changes to your life, you have already taken the first step to regain a sense of well-being by reading this and considering the need to ask for help.

What is grief?


Grief is the normal process of natural emotions and feelings which are uniquely experienced after any loss of any relationship. We have all been socialized to avoid grief. Oftentimes, the griever is educating those around them what their needs are and how they can help. While grief is normal and natural and clearly the most powerful of all emotions, it is also the most neglected and misunderstood experience. Because grief is a process, it will involve many changes over time. You must give yourself permission to experience all the feelings. Grief comes in waves. You may start off the day feeling like it is going to be a good day, only to hear a certain song that brings you to tears.


How long will grief last?


This is the question everyone asks. There is no answer to that question. Everyone is different, every relationship is unique. Grief is comprised of complex, conflicting emotions and they seem to come and go at will. These feelings may come and go from day to day or week to week at will. Recovery is possible. You need support and a little bit of education to help with that recovery. Some people like support groups. You may find comfort in sharing with a group of people suffering similar losses. Others may prefer a one to one counseling. Whichever your preference, I am here to help. Feel free to contact me or book a session or group on the booking tab.